ROBARDS, William, Sr.

Name of Patriot: William Robards, Sr. NSSAR Patriot #P-279670

Submitted by: Robert B. Fish, Jr.

William Robards, Sr. was born about 1729 in Goochland County, Virginia. In 1764, he served as a militia lieutenant. He was in his seventies during the Revolutionary War and served in the Committee on Safety of Goochland County. He died in Goochland County in December 1783, having lived past the surrender at Yorktown but passing away before the signing of the Treaty of Paris that officially ended the war. The location of his gravesite is unknown.

He was married twice. The name of his first wife is unknown. His second wife was Elizabeth Lewis, whom he married on 1/5/1758.

He had five sons: John, William, Lewis, George, and Jesse, all of whom served in the Army under General Thomas Nelson, a signer of the Declaration of Independence and the fourth Governor of Virginia.